Source: Bureau of Meteorology

Issued at 11:02 am WST on Wednesday 14 February 2018

The Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

Flood Watch Number: 2

Flooding may develop in Kimberley District catchments due to heavy rainfall associated with a tropical low.

A tropical low has formed over the Northern Territory and is expected to move over the Kimberley during Thursday and Friday.

Catchment conditions in the Kimberley river catchments are relatively wet from rainfall over the past few weeks with streams and rivers flowing.

For the 48 hours to Friday 9 am rainfall totals for the Kimberley district are likely to be in the range of 100-200 mm with isolated totals of 300-400 mm possible.

Heaviest falls will be constrained to Kimberley coastal areas, with falls south of the Gibb River road over 48 hours to Friday 9 am likely to be in the range of 50-100 mm with isolated falls up to 200 mm.

As the low continues moving West Friday and into the weekend, rainfall is forecast to reduce in the East Kimberley and increase in the North and West Kimberley regions.

Forecast rainfall in the affected catchments is expected to result in river rises, areas of flooding and may adversely affect road conditions. Some roads may become impassable and some communities may become isolated.

Catchments likely to be affected include:

East Kimberley Rivers
North Kimberley Rivers
West Kimberley Rivers
Fitzroy River

This flood watch is available by dialling 1300 659 213. For more information on the Flood Watch Service visit

Flood Safety Advice:
DFES advises people and communities to be aware that flooding is possible and be prepared to relocate equipment and livestock. Watch water levels. Travellers need to be aware that road conditions may be adversely affected and travel plans may need to be reconsidered. Do not drive into water of unknown depth and velocity.

Community information is available from DFES at

Current river levels are available from Department of Water and Environmental Regulation at

Rainfall and River Conditions Map