Emergency Alert Assist

Council Emergency Management Residential Alerting System

EWN's Geographic Notification Information System (GNIS) has been providing councils across Australia with a platform to send alerts to residents 24/7. Think of the GNIS as the perfect assistant to Emergency Alerts. Where as Emergency Alerts only allows councils to send selected warnings, the GNIS provides the ability to get extra helping information out to residents. Common usage of the GNIS Alerting System includes:

The GNIS can send alerts via two methods:

1. Polygon on Map - Draw a polygon or use a pre-loaded polygon to send alerts to residents in the polygon area only.

2. Group Sending - Send alerts to all residents within groups.

Both methods of alerting will send the alerts to residents via SMS, Email, Landline (Voice to Text), Social Media and Push Alerts (where combined with a Mobile App). Alerts are sent within minutes using our multiple gateway set-up ensuring there are no delays.

All alerts sent include a live send delivery information bar plus full historical record keeping including full recipient lists as per CAP protocols.

To find out more information please contact James Harris on 0425 243 641 or james.harris@ewn.com.au

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