EWN Lightning Tracker

The EWN Lightning Dashboard in conjunction with ArcGIS is our latest application to assist you in the tracking, analysis and reporting of approaching storms. The new service supports a broad range of applications to help keep your people safe and critical operations protected.

Lightning Detection

Detect lightning within seconds after it happens anywhere, over land and sea. The service accuracy exceeds all other long-range systems, including satellite data. It detects approximately 8 out of 10 cloud-to-ground lightning flashes worldwide and a significant fraction of cloud lightning flashes, with a location accuracy of approximately 2 km in real-time.

The EWN lightning tracker is one of the most accurate systems covering Australia with recent tests detecting more than double the lightning strikes compared to some other networks.

The ability to detect cloud to cloud lightning provides users in most cases with an advanced warning before cloud to ground lightning occurs.

Improve early warnings and operational effectiveness

Current long-range severe weather detection is limited by data gaps leading to late or no warnings for people and operations.

Fill the gaps in the radar coverage or current alerting processes. Greatly enhance your forecasting and early warnings capability for thunderstorms, cyclones and other severe weather.

Besides safety, this ability improves operational efficiency in transportation route optimization and accurate warnings.

The EWN lightning tracker helps you track approaching storms in real time using the ArcGIS App to access the displays.

To ensure the safety of your people when severe weather approaches and to keep operations running efficiently and assets protected, you need easy access to timely and accurate information.

Do you know we can have you up and running with "Lightning Alerts" within minutes!

To find out more information please contact James Harris on 0425 243 641 or james.harris@ewn.com.au

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