EWN Insurance Embargo Areas - Live Demo

The table below shows all the geographic information for embargo areas captured by our Alert System over the past 7 days. 

To see if a specific address is currently affected by an embargo, try our EWN Insurance Embargo Live Demo

Every time an alert is issued, a separate table of locations is automatically generated. Each one of these locations would have been either directly impacted by an Alert Area issued by EWN, or close by to an area impacted. This information can be sent to you in many different formats, depending on your requirements - we can even have it delivered directly into your systems via our API (Application Programming Interface) to appear seamlessly on your front-line operator's console. You can also choose what information is important to you - is it Suburb Name, Postcode or LGA?

Proximity to the alert area is colour coded:

  Directly impacted by alert
  Close to or adjoining a directly impacted area
  Nearby to an adjoining area. May be affected to rainfall runoff or impacted to a lesser extent.


Embargo areas for the last 7 days shown below

Geographic areas are not available for this alert
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