Keywatcher Mobile Contractor App,
Workforce Management System
for KeyWatcher Cabinets

  • Access and return keys from keywatcher cabinets directly from a smart phone
  • Biometrically authenticate users to grant access to keywatcher
  • Map, track, monitor and manage keys from keywatcher cabinets and your workforce simultaneously

Keywatcher integrated User friendly
online key management solutions

The KeyWatcher mobile control panel delivers unprecedented capability. We apply our Software Platform as a Service to transform your keywatcher cabinet and connect it securely to the internet. This ensures the integrity of your Keywatcher key management system by enabling you remotely to:

  • Authorise/un-authorise access.
  • Assign, reassign and swap keys between authenticated users.
  • Trace and track key-holders continuously.
  • Restrict keys leaving your site.
  • Know where your keys are at all times.
  • Provide a complete history of each key collection and return.
  • In the event of loss, clearly identify liability for re-keying.

Spend less while improving productivity, safety, security and workforce situation awareness

The SecureAMS platform provides a wealth of unequalled functionality enabling you to empower the workforce by increasing visibility and accountability for business efficiencies,productivity, safety and security. Our advanced smartphone/tablet applications combined with our cloud-based control room provide the very latest in Software Platform as a Service, delivering unrivalled functionality and features

SecureAMS enables you to:
  • Register each employee/contractor via the web and/or their choice of device.
  • Use facial authentication on their device to verify identity and validate accreditation at each login before accessing keywatcher.
  • Manage assessed induction through videos played on their device.
  • Automate check-in/out to validate invoicing for chargeable time on site.
  • Increase workforce safety through monitoring and locating their position on-site (including remote workers).
  • Send location-based alerts.
  • Simplify administrative tasks for WHS compliance.
  • Ensure each worker takes personal responsibility for risk management.

KeyWatcher Key Management Solutions

  • Map, track, monitor and manage your KeyWatcher keys and work force simultaneously.
  • Unprecedented control over KeyWatcher authorisation and access management.
  • Reduce costs…pays for itself in savings from lost keys.
  • Reduce contractor billing over-charging.
  • Easy to congure– non disruptive.
  • Improve workforce and contractor accountability.
  • Improve safety, limit liability. Every activity is recorded and attributed to the individual.