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Severe Weather News

Storms and wet weather for western Queensland & NSW

5 August 2020: Thursday is looking rather stormy and damp across western Queensland, with the potential for storms to become severe.

Snow falling to low levels across Tasmania and Victoria

4 August 2020: A bitterly cold airmass is causing snow to fall to low levels across many parts of Tasmania and Victoria today, with reports of snow falling as low as around 100 metres above sea level.

Australia registers a dry and warm July, but wet spring ahead

3 August 2020: July was another warm and dry month for much of Australia(after a warm and dry June), however a wetter pattern is likely over the comings months as a La Nina looms.

Wet and stormy week for inland Australia

3 August 2020: This week is expected to be wet and stormy across inland Australia, as a low pressure system moves through the interior of the country.

Snow showers and blizzard conditions inbound for Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales early next week

1 August 2020: A high pressure system situated over the eastern portion of the Great Australian Bight is directing a strong northwesterly wind flow over the state of Tasmania tonight, ahead of a cold front expected to cross the state overnight and into tomorrow.

Torrential rain set to drench southern WA

31 July 2020: An upper level cold pool is set to bring very heavy rainfall that may challenge August records in some parts of southern WA over the weekend and into next week.

East coast low brings damaging winds, flooding and beach erosion to eastern NSW as July rainfall records fall

28 July 2020: The second low pressure system this month battered eastern NSW over the last several days, bringing widespread heavy rain, large seas and wind gusts over 100km/h in some areas.

Large Low looms into early next week of the coasts of NSW

25 July 2020: A trough off the central and southern Queensland coast will gradually continue to deepen during this weekend while one or more small low-pressure centres develop within it.

Coastal rain totals build up as wet conditions continue in Southeast Qld and Northeast NSW

25 July 2020: Continuing showers and some rain areas have seen rain totals over the last few days now reaching 25 to 50mm in many places along the southern Queensland coast and northern NSW coast with some reaching the 50 to 100 mm mark.

Long section of the Queensland coast receives some winter rain

23 July 2020: It's not too often that we get to post about such a decent stretch of the Queensland coast north of about Southeast QLD getting some rain at this time of year but this is exactly what's occurred in the last 24 hours.

Wet weekend for eastern NSW and southern Queensland

22 July 2020: Parts of NSW and southern Queensland are expected to see wet conditions develop during Friday, before continuing through the weekend.

Welcome winter rain for Central Queensland

20 July 2020: Solid winter rainfall is expected to develop across parts of Central Queensland this week, with localised falls to 50mm possible.

Consecutive cold fronts for Southeastern Australia

18 July 2020: As a ridge of high pressure is anticipated to shift further eastward into the Tasman Sea during this weekend and into early next week, allowing consecutive cold fronts affect some portions of Australia.

Cold nights gripping Queensland

17 July 2020: The coldest nights of winter so far are gripping many parts of Queensland as widespread frost occurs across the state's inland, and sub-zero temperatures spread up to the northern inland.

Lenticular clouds sighted over the Nightcap Ranges of New South Wales

15 July 2020: The Early Warning Network's very own Michael Bath captured a spectacular timelapse video of lenticular clouds forming over the Nightcap Ranges of New South Wales yesterday.

Rain, storms, hail, snow and waterspouts batter Australia

14 July 2020: The last few days has been extremely active weather wise acoss southeastern and southwestern Australia, with storms, heavy rain, hail and snow.

Solid falls for SE QLD with gusty conditions on Tuesday

13 July 2020: A large cloud band responsible for scattered showers and patchy rain last night is steadily moving offshore this morning.

Wet and stormy week for Western Australia

13 July 2020: The South West Land Division of Western Australia is bracing for a wet and stormy week, with a series of cold fronts expected to batter the region from tonight onwards.

ECL to bring severe weather to SE Australia early next week

11 July 2020: A low-pressure system is set to continue developing across the Bass Strait and Victoria today and into tomorrow while deepening off the eastern coastal districts of Victoria and the southern coastal districts of New South Wales into early next week.

Widespread rain and East Coast Low potential for southern and eastern Australia

10 July 2020: A dynamic weather situation is unfolding across southern and eastern Australia, as a upper level cold pool interacts with a surface trough over the east of the country.

Dry westerlies take a break in Southeast Queensland

9 July 2020: Moisture has returned to the skies over Southeast Queensland as a coastal trough pushed north and allowed a moist onshore flow to develop.

Showers and storms to develop for eastern Australia

8 July 2020: Wet conditions are likely to develop across southern and eastern Australia later this week and through the weekend, as multiple rounds of showers and storms develop.

Strong cold front to bring low-level snow to New Zealand

7 July 2020: A strong cold front will sweep across New Zealand from this evening, bringing bitterly cold conditions, showers, strong winds and snow to low levels over the next few days.

Queensland shivers through its coldest morning of the year

5 July 2020: If you woke up across southern Queensland this morning thinking it was cold, you were right! Queensland has shivered through its coldest morning of 2020.

Balmy conditions ahead of possible storms and cool change in northeast NSW/southeast QLD

3 July 2020: Northeast New South Wales and southeast Queensland are being treated to stunning winter warmth today, as temperatures rise into the mid 20s along the coast, however a cold front is set to bring a burst of cooler weather with possible thunderstorms from later today.

Cold front sweeping across southern Australia

1 July 2020: July will kick off with a cold blast across Australia's southeast, with strong winds, showers, alpine snow and possible thunderstorms set to hit many parts of South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales over the next few days.

Tornadoes rip through parts of New Zealand's North Island

27 June 2020: Wild weather has wreaked havoc across parts of the north island of New Zealand overnight and this morning with multiple tornado occurrences across the region late yesterday afternoon, during the late night and early into this morning.

Sunny skies for school holidays

26 June 2020: With the Queensland school holidays kicking off tomorrow, the first week is looking stunning across Queensland.

Australia on La Niņa watch

24 June 2020: The Bureau of Meteorology has put Australia on a La Niņa watch, with the chance of a La Niņa forming during spring increasing to around 50%, or twice the normal likelihood.

Small snow accumulations for the NSW Northern Tablelands

23 June 2020: Elevated regions of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales saw snow flurries overnight and into early this morning, with slightly more accumulations of snow observed at Mount Kaptuar (east of Narrabri, NSW).

Cold front to hit southwest WA

22 June 2020: After more unseasonably warm June weather, a cold front will sweep across southwestern parts of WA today and into Tuesday, causing temperatures to cool closer to average and bringing with it rain, possible thunderstorms and strong winds.

Moderate to locally heavy rain set to soak southeast Tasmania

21 June 2020: A moist onshore flow wrapping around a broad low pressure system in the Tasman Sea will become established over parts of Tasmania and cause moderate to locally heavy rain to mainly focus on the state's southeast on Monday and Tuesday.

Large cutoff low looms for SE Australia but widespread extreme impacts unlikely

18 June 2020: After a few days of above average temperatures and mainly settled weather in southeast Australia, a developing complex low pressure system and cold front is set to bring wintry weather to the region this weekend.

Cold front to bring strong winds but much needed rainfall to southwest WA

16 June 2020: A cold front will sweep across WA's southwest tomorrow, bringing wind gusts to 100km/h but also much needed rainfall after a warm and dry start to winter.

Wild winds batter Western, Northern and Central Tasmania

16 June 2020: A strong and gusty northwesterly wind flow has battered the northwestern and northern coastal and adjacent inland districts in the wake of a cold front over the past 12 hours.

Welcome winter rainfall for eastern Australia

15 June 2020: Over the weekend, eastern Australia rejoiced as winter rainfall fell across drought stricken inland regions and coastal locations, with widespread falls of 10-20mm.

Large High Pressure System to bring cold temperatures to Southern NZ

11 June 2020: Temperatures are set to plummet into this coming weekend as a cold front sweeps over the north island and stalls preceding a very broad high pressure system during this weekend during Saturday and Sunday.

Solid rain on the way for NSW and QLD

10 June 2020: Shower activity increased across eastern NSW and QLD during Wednesday with 10-20mm falling across coastal locations.

Showery week for eastern Queensland and New South Wales

9 June 2020: Shower activity will increase across the Queensland and NSW coast this week, with the potential for localised thunderstorm activity on Thursday.

Widespread frost and fog over southeast Australia into next week

5 June 2020: A large high will cause a run of settled weather and light winds across large parts of Australia's southeast for the next week, however at night time the mercury will plummet to as low as 10 degrees below average in some areas with frost and fog commonplace.

Wet, windy, snowy weather to hit New Zealand

3 June 2020: As much of Australia enters a a period of largely dry weather, New Zealand will be hit by a low pressure system from today until Friday, bringing widespread rain, possible thunderstorms and snow.

Wet, windy and snowy start to winter for southeastern Australia

1 June 2020: A cold front and upper cold pool of air will move across southeastern Australia today, generating widespread showers, locally damaging winds, hail and snow to low levels.

Wintery blast for Southeastern Australia this weekend

29 May 2020: A significant cold front is expected to move across the Great Australian Bight as a high pressure systems shifts further east of Tasmania and into the Tasman Sea.

Wet winter likely for most of Australia

28 May 2020: The Bureau of Meteorology has released their winter outlook for Australia, with wetter than average conditions predicted for large parts of the country.

WA cleaning up after a savage storm system

25 May 2020: During Sunday and early Monday morning, Western Australia was punished as ex tropical cyclone Mangga merged with a cold front off the WA coast and rapidly intensified.

Wintry chill grips northern and eastern Australia

22 May 2020: A dynamic weather setup over northern and eastern Australia is causing unseasonably cold conditions to grip parts of the country, with some areas seeing their coldest May days in decades.

South Western WA to brace for cyclonic conditions

21 May 2020: Late into the weekend, a low pressure system is expected to move across the Western Australian coastline with cyclonic conditions.

Heavy falls and cold temperatures for North Queensland

20 May 2020: Heavy winter rainfall has been recorded across North Queensland over the last 24 hours, with falls in excess of 200mm recorded for some locations.

Thunderstorms sweep through SE South Australia

20 May 2020: A secondary cold front is expected through parts of southern and southeastern SA today after a wild night of thunderstorm activity across a vast portion southeastern Australia.

Destructive winds, hail and barrages of lightning for Victoria overnight

20 May 2020: A cold front sweeping across the state last night produced squally thunderstorms through most parts of the state, passing through the central region into the early hours and producing small hail.

Cold fronts to bring more rain, storms and snow to southeast Australia

19 May 2020: Two frontal systems are set to bring the run of stunning sunny days to an end over southeastern Australia, with rain and thunderstorms set to develop from this afternoon, before a burst of showers, small hail and snow on Wednesday and Thursday.

Two Systems to Affect Parts of Eastern and Northern Australia

18 May 2020: Off the southern NSW coast, a significant low should start deepening in the Tasman Sea by Friday before wandering around erratically in the area for a few days. This general area of low pressure is also likely to develop multiple centres which pivot around the main centre.

A family of waterspouts and isolated thunderstorms for SE/QLD & NE/NSW

15 May 2020: A spectacular sight occurred off the Southern Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales coasts yesterday afternoon as up to five waterspouts were filmed and reported, along with weak thunderstorm activity with some containing small hail.

Chilly nights, fog and frost for southeast Australia

14 May 2020: A large and slow moving region of high pressure will lead to a stunning run of sunny late autumn weather for the southeast into early next week, however overnight temperatures will be among the coldest seen so far this year.

Mild temperatures and cool nights for Australia

11 May 2020: The second week of May is expected to be relatively quiet on the weather front across the country, as a large high pressure system traverses southern Australia.

Cold blast with damaging winds for SE Australia

9 May 2020: A strong cold front will continue to sweep across most of New South Wales today and into far northeastern regions of the state tomorrow, with cold temperatures expected through western, southern and central regions post-change.

Cold blast to sweep across southeast Australia this weekend

8 May 2020: It's been a balmy end to the working week for many parts of the southeast, however temperatures will plummet from tomorrow as a cold front sweeps across the southeast.

Wild winds and heavy rain batter southwest WA

6 May 2020: Wild weather hit southwestern parts of Western Australia on Tuesday afternoon and evening and into Wednesday morning, bringing down trees and powerlines and causing widespread power outages, as well as rainfall totals reaching close to 100mm.

Strong winds, rain and thunderstorms to lash southwest WA

4 May 2020: The balmy conditions that kicked off May will quickly turn to wet and windy weather today and persist into Tuesday and Wednesday as two strong cold fronts batter the South West Land Division.

Heavy rain soaks parts of Victoria, New South Wales and ACT

30 April 2020: A strong cold front sweeping across southeastern Australia is producing widespread heavy rain across parts of VIC and NSW, with some places seeing their heaviest April falls in decades.

Vigorous cold front to bring heavy rain, thunderstorms, strong winds and snow to southeastern Australia

27 April 2020: The strongest cold front of the year is set to sweep across Australia's southeast from Wednesday, causing temperatures to plummet and bringing a burst of rain, wind, thunderstorms and snow.

Patchy rain spreading across southeast Australia

24 April 2020: A low pressure trough and front are set to send a band of rain and showers across southeastern Australia over the weekend, topping off another wet month for the region with the Murray-Darling Basin seeing it's third consecutive month of above average rainfall.

Record hailstorms lash Central Queensland

20 April 2020: Destructive thunderstorms lashed parts of Central Queensland on Sunday afternoon, with numerous large to giant hail reports.

Wet week for western Tasmania

15 April 2020: A wet and windy end of the week is set to develop for the western half of Tasmania.

Record April heat affecting southwest WA this Easter

10 April 2020: Parts of southwest Western Australia are in the middle of what is likely to end up as the hottest run of days on record for April, as temperatures soar into the mid to high 30s on Friday and Saturday.

Easter set to bring more rain, wind and snow for southeast Australia

8 April 2020: Easter 2020 might be a good one when it comes to social distancing and being homebound as a vigorous cold front is set to bring cold, wet and windy weather to Australia's southeast from Friday to Sunday.

Burst of late season storms for northern Australia

8 April 2020: Northern Australia is set to see a late season storm outbreak this week, as an unusual weather event develops across the region.

Tropical Cyclone Harold impacts the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

7 April 2020: Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold is the strongest cyclone to strike Vanuatu since 2015?s tropical cyclone Pam, which also produced wind gusts of 265km/h sustained and resulted in an estimated $380 million in damage.

Vanuatu bracing for Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold

6 April 2020: Whilst the majority of Australia will experience a quiet week on the weather front, the South Pacific island chain of Vanuatu is bracing for impact from Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold.

Storms looming for southern QLD and northern NSW

3 April 2020: Widespread storm activity is likely to develop for parts of Victoria, New south Wales, inland Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia and western Tasmania during Friday afternoon.

March weather wrap: A mixed bag for Australia

2 April 2020: March 2020 was a mixed bag across Australia, as many parts of the southeast had cooler and wetter conditions than average, whilst the tropical north continued to be warmer and drier than usual.

Rain and storms for VIC, NSW, TAS and SA

31 March 2020: Parts of south-eastern Australia are set for a wet, stormy and cold start to April.

Early autumn chill grips southern Australia

26 March 2020: Some of the coldest March weather in decades has gripped southern Australia across the past five days as a slow-moving high pressure system has driven unseasonably cool southerly winds over the region.

Storms provide welcome rain across NSW

26 March 2020: Widespread thunderstorm activity during Wednesday afternoon produce moderate to locally heavy falls across central and northern parts of NSW.

Thunderstorms return to Queensland and New South Wales

24 March 2020: Thunderstorm activity will return to inland parts of Queensland and New South Wales during Wednesday afternoon.

Heavy rain expected for North Queensland

20 March 2020: Late this weekend, a coastal trough is expected to move towards the North Queensland coast, with showers, rain periods and isolated thunderstorms expected to develop.

Perth records its wettest March in 7 years

18 March 2020: The South West Land Division of WA has experienced a very stormy last 4 weeks, with an impressive start to Autumn rainfall wise across the region.

Balmy weather giving way to more chill as cold front sweeps across the southeast

18 March 2020: Southeastern Australia is currently enjoying some mid-March warmth as temperatures reach push into the high 20s and low-to-mid 30s, however temperatures are set to plummet again from tomorrow afternoon as a cold front sweeps across the region.

Unseasonably cold March weather affecting southeast Australia

16 March 2020: If anyone thinks it flipped from summer to autumn quickly this year, they would not be wrong as many parts of southeastern Australia are experiencing their coldest weather this early in the year for a number of years.

Sunday and Monday likely to see gusty winds and increase in swells shifting to southern QLD and northern NSW coasts

14 March 2020: A large tropical low in the Coral Sea is forecast to continue strengthening while tracking southeast well out to sea. While the low is currently forecast to reach tropical cyclone intensity early Sunday, there is still some uncertainty about the timing of this and it may occur earlier or later than expected.

Cold and wet weather spreading across southeastern Australia

12 March 2020: After basking in balmy conditions for several days, a cold front is set to sweep across the southeast of the nation, causing temperatures to plummet as well as bringing more good rain across the region.

Chilly March temperatures as more rain soaks southeast QLD & northeast NSW

10 March 2020: More wet weather drenched southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales on Monday as a thick band of cloud and rain enveloped the region, which also brought about the coolest March day in decades for some areas.

Tropical Cyclone and flooding risk for north Queensland

9 March 2020: Tropical north QLD will face an increasing risk of flooding from Wednesday as a tropical low develops over the northern Coral Sea and possibly develops into a tropical cyclone later this week.

Inland Australia rejoices thanks to a widespread rainfall event

6 March 2020: A large part of Australia had endured a very wet and stormy to start March, with some locations registering their highest rainfall totals in many years.

More welcome rainfall for the interior including vast portions of western QLD and NSW

3 March 2020: The next few days look set for showers, isolated thunderstorms and heavy rain periods that may lead to flash flooding and riverine flooding to develop across parts of the central and southeastern NT tomorrow with the remnants of ex-TC Esther expected to drift in a southeasterly direction leading into Friday.

Summer 2019-2020 wrap: Bushfires and drought give way to widespread rain and flooding

2 March 2020: Summer 2019-2020 was a season of contrasts across Australia, as blistering heat, bushfires and record dry in December gave way to flooding by mid-to-late January and into February as the climate drivers behind the nation's big dry broke down.

Heavy rain and flash flooding for inland Australia

1 March 2020: Confidence is increasing for showers, storms and heavy rain periods that may lead to flash flooding and riverine flooding developing across the interior of the country this week.

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