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Severe Weather News March 2019

Widespread rain spreading across Queensland

26 March 2019: The remnants of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Trevor are drifting across Queensland, and are expected to generate widespread heavy rainfall across parts of the state over the next several days, especially the parched interior.

Cold front blasts through southeastern Australia, record heat ahead of it

25 March 2019: Cold, windy and wet conditions across Australia's south are contrasting record March heat across eastern Australia as an intense cold front affects the region.

Tropical Cyclone Trevor forms off the north Queensland coast

18 March 2019: Tropical Cyclone Trevor was officially named in the early hours of this morning, and is expected to intensify before making landfall later tomorrow, bringing the risk of destructive winds and flooding to the Cape York Peninsula.

Record heat turns to potentially severe thunderstorms for northeast NSW and southeast QLD

13 March 2019: Record March heat is giving way to potentially severe thunderstorms over southeast Queensland and northeast NSW over the next few days as a southeasterly change pumps moisture into a low pressure trough lying over the region.

Record heat and dangerous bushfire conditions to hit Tasmania again

1 March 2019: Record challenging March temperatures and bushfire conditions equal to the worst they have been this season are set to hit Tasmania tomorrow as a low pressure trough sweeps across the state.

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