EWN Complete Hail Solution

EWN provides a complete hail solution service covering all aspects of hail events including:

Hail Forecasting

Current forecasting from the Bureau of Meteorology only focuses on Severe Thunderstorms in general and does not go into detail of what is expected from those Severe Thunderstorms. The problem is thousands of thunderstorms occur across Australia every year with each thunderstorm set-up different.

Our experienced Severe Weather specialist Meteorologists take all the guess work out of Thunderstorm forecasting using a range of extremely high-resolution weather modelling and upper air observations to provide a hail forecast you can rely on. Pinpointing areas of greater risk plus providing a run down of hail sizes expected with storms in those areas.

The forecasts are issued daily each morning and colour coded depending on the threat level in the forecast. Threat levels include:

Detailed forecasts are provided for Day 1 and 2 of the outlook with both an Australian overview of threats plus zoomed in maps of areas of major concern including shading of large to giant hail areas.

Image 1 - Example of a Day 1 threat map zoomed in to areas of concern over SE QLD and NE NSW

Image 2 - Example of a Day 1 detailed discussion relating to the map in Image 1.

Live Event Tracking

Using our 3D radar technology, we utilise the latest research from the USA and the Bureau of Meteorology to calculate the estimated hail sizes in thunderstorms across Australia LIVE. Within minutes of each radar scan being taken, our radar will tell you the estimated size of hail allowing you to know where damaging hailstorms have tracked with directional arrows showing where they are about to move.

Image 3 - Live 3D Radar with hail size (cms) inside the triangles of each storm.

Rapid Post Event Reporting

EWN maps and tracks every large hail event as they occur. Using a combination of on ground reports and 3D radar data, we are able to pin point the areas affected by hail and break down the different sizes for ease of understanding.

Hail is broken down into the following size categories:

Image 4 - Maps for each storm can be sent as PDF files via email or made available via an online GIS platform for detailed viewing.

The EWN Hail Solution not only provides you with advanced notice to allow you to put in place your hail plans, it also provides incredible situational awareness and rapid reporting, allowing your business to provide the best possible outcomes for your staff and clients.

If you would like to trial any of the above items or would like pricing for your organisations, please contact James Harris at james.harris@ewn.com.au to discuss further.

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