Insurance Embargo Services

Embargo Services

The Problem
  • Substantial claims resulting from natural disasters
  • Increasing frequency and severity of Severe Weather events
  • Difficult application of real-time and effective embargo operations
  • Fraudulent claims
  • Client acquisition and retention
  • Lack of resolution or focus on localised events
  • MOE (Moment of Escalation) - recognising the MOE from benign to disastrous

See the latest insurance embargo locations here.

Insurance Embargo Location Based Warnings

The Solution
  • All Alerts (including Significant Weather Threat Map)
  • Severe Weather Forecasts
  • Embargo Plus - integrated real time notifications via API

Embargo operators can import EWN warnings directly into their own systems, using Embargo Plus - all in real time.

Taking advantage of our API (Application Interface) your systems can be updated with new geo-located Postcode or Suburb name information as soon as an Alert is issued by an EWN Alert Operator.

Once the information is passed between the systems, the next time one of your front line operators inputs an affected address, postcode or suburb name into an application for cover, they will be alerted that the area is currently under embargo. No need for them to go looking for the information, it is embedded into your own system.

Embargo Services

How does it work?

Try our real-time example of insurance embargo areas.

Follow the instructions to see if any address in Australia is currently under a warning issued by EWN.
If you are getting NIL results that means all is clear. If you want to test the system for a current warning area, check our current alerts on the front page of our website and enter an address within the current alert region.
Who can benefit from this service?
  • Insurance Companies
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