Source: Bureau of Meteorology

For people in parts of Gulf Country, Northern Goldfields and Upper Flinders, North West and Central West Forecast Districts.

Issued at 10:45 am Friday, 26 January 2024.


Weather Situation: Ex-Tropical Cyclone Kirrily is currently located about the southern Northern Goldfields and Upper Flinders district. It is forecast to continue tracking in a southwesterly trajectory across the northern interior of the state, before taking a more westerly track towards the Northern Territory border during Saturday.

HEAVY RAINFALL which may lead to FLASH FLOODING is occurring in the northern parts of the Northern Goldfields and Upper Flinders and southeastern Gulf Country districts. HEAVY RAINFALL is forecast to extend further inland towards the northwestern Central West and eastern North West districts overnight, persisting through Saturday. 6-hourly rainfall totals between 70 to 110 mm are likely, with 24-hourly totals up to 130 mm.

Locally INTENSE RAINFALL which may lead to DANGEROUS AND LIFE-THREATENING FLASH FLOODING is possible from early Saturday morning for areas between Winton, Richmond and Cloncurry. Isolated 6-hourly totals between 120 to 150 mm are possible, with 24-hourly totals of around 180 mm possible. A separate Severe Thunderstorm Warning will be issued if VERY DANGEROUS THUNDERSTORMS with INTENSE RAINFALL are detected.

DAMAGING WINDS with peak gusts of around 90 km/h are possible within the warning area.
Severe weather is expected to slowly extend westwards, subject to the position and strength of the tropical low.

A Flood Watch is also current for coastal and adjacent inland catchments between Tully and Airlie Beach, and parts of the Central West and Gulf catchments. See for more information.

Locations which may be affected include Georgetown, Hughenden, Richmond, Julia Creek, Einasleigh and Stamford.

163 mm of rainfall recorded in the 12 hours to 6:12 am at Mt Garnett.
147 mm of rainfall recorded in the 24 hours to 7:00 am at Crooks Dam.
145 mm of rainfall recorded in the 6 hours to 12:33 am at Running River (Hidden Valley).
129 mm of rainfall recorded in the 12 hours to 7:08 am at Upper Poison.
97 mm of rainfall recorded in the 6 hours to 3:00 am at Mt Fullstop.
96 mm of rainfall recorded in the 6 hours to 10:11 am at Dutton River.
69.6 mm of rainfall recorded in the 1 hour to 9:35 am at Hughenden Airport.

Emergency services advise people to:
* If you have children make sure they are with you or an adult you trust.
* Park your car undercover away from trees.
* Close doors and windows.
* Keep asthma medications close by. Storms and wind can trigger asthma attacks.
* Charge mobile phones and power banks in case the power goes out.
* Put your pets somewhere safe and make sure they can be identified in case they get lost.
* Do not drive now unless you have to because conditions are dangerous.
* Tell friends, family and neighbours in the area.
* Go inside a strong building now. Stay inside until the storm has passed.