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Protecting large networks, assets and operations requires a capability up to the task...

That's where EWN's toolkit of threat forecasting and alerting services can help you with the big job of looking after OH&S. We have a set of customised capabilities specifically designed for telco's. Call and ask us for a free trial!

Our experienced personnel monitor risks nationally 24x7 and warn those that need it, when they need it and importantly where it is required.

To be able to protect your personnel, assets and operations against risks posed by severe weather and other hazards, you need the best information available and you need it delivered how and when you want it.

EWN's up to the minute alerts can keep your people and property safe whether they are working onsite or out and about travelling in the field.

Our analysis and forecasting services can help you identify threats (set to your own risk thresholds) before they occur so you can plan around them, saving you both money and unnecessary interruption to schedules or injury (or worse) to personnel on the job. Whether its geo-locating and warning for a power outage expected in the next four hours or letting you know where the location of a red or black zone will exist in three days time, you will be better prepared.

No-one else in Australia offers the unique, comprehensive, alerts service we do - our alert operators filter all alerts for you and send them to you once - the second they are issued. You can choose to get your alerts for a worksite, a district, a State or the whole of Australia - it all depends on how and where your business operates. We can help you find the service that fits best.

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